Motorcycle Insurance

Looking to insure your ‘two wheels’? Don’t know which policy to pick?  Then look no further. Read on to know more about what Max Insurances can offer!



What is motorcycle insurance?


We know how much you love your motorcycle and the freedom of beating traffic jams. However, every time you bike without motorcycle insurance you are taking a risk. No matter how careful you are, things could go wrong. So buying insurance could be one of your best investments.


Motorcycle insurance is designed to give you peace of mind if the unexpected happens to your beloved bike. Generally, there are three levels of cover:



Third party insurance covers you for any accidental damage you cause to someone else’s property, however, it doesn’t cover any damage to your own bike. Third party is an economical form of insurance and can be a good option if your bike isn’t worth much.



As well as any accidental damage to other people’s property, this type of insurance also covers you for fire and theft. It suits people who are on a budget but don’t want the inconvenience and costs of repairing or replacing their bike if it’s stolen or damaged by fire.



Comprehensive insurance provides you with the fullest protection – it covers things like accidental damage to your own motorcycle as well as damage to others. And it can also cover fire, theft, and events like storm damage. It’s worth considering a comprehensive policy if the value of your motorcycle is relatively high.



How can Max Insurances help?


At Max Insurances, we want you to enjoy every moment you spend riding your bike without the worry. We understand that comparing policies could be difficult, so we are here to help. With a network of industry contacts and our expert knowledge of motorcycle insurance products in NZ, we make it easy to explore all options and help you find a policy that best suits your individual requirements. And that’s not all we do. We go that extra mile for all our customers, so if the unexpected does happen, we can help liaise with the insurer on your behalf and speed up the process. Offering you maximum service with minimum fuss is our commitment to you.



Why choose Max Insurances?


  • With access to a wide variety of insurers, we can arrange the cover you actually need
  • We are on your side and work for you not the insurer
  • Max Insurances is 100% NZ owned, and our success is shouldered by an excellent reputation in NZ
  • There is no cost to you for using our service
  • Part of our team Max Loans can provide Personal Loans to help purchase motorcycles



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