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Travel often? Planning your next holiday? Don’t forget your travel insurance! Read on to find out more information about what Max Insurances can offer!



What is travel insurance?


Travelling is one of the most exciting things in life. However, going on holiday without travel insurance can be very risky. No matter how well planned you are, sometimes things could go wrong on your trip and result in huge costs. That’s why buying insurance is so important.


Travel insurance is designed to cover travellers for unexpected events like:



If you can’t go on your trip due to unforeseen events like injury or illness of a close relative, travel insurance can cover you for cancellation costs.



Finding yourself in a hospital during your trip is certainly not a good experience. Unexpected hospital visits can quickly end up costing a large amount of money. A travel policy can cover you if you are injured or fall ill while travelling.



Loss or damage to personal belongings is one of the main reasons people buy insurance. Some insurance plans can take care of the costs if something happens to your items like your luggage, mobile phone and camera.


Besides the basics, a good comprehensive policy will also cover your holiday for travel delay, rental vehicle excess, personal liability and much more.



How can Max Insurances Help?


At Max Insurances, we want people to go, explore the world without the worry. However, we know that even the most carefully planned trip can go wrong, so we want to work with you to create a tailored insurance plan that covers every event that could affect you on your trip.


As experts in insurance, we are confident that our thorough knowledge of insurance products in NZ will be of benefit to you, and we pride ourselves on building strong relationships with a wide variety of insurance providers. Whether you’re travelling in New Zealand or overseas, looking for a cheap cover or fully comprehensive one, we will help you find the right policy that best suits your needs. If something happens and you need to make a claim, we can also provide helpful information on who to contact, how to claim, so you can get back to more interesting things sooner – like relaxing on the beach.



Why choose Max Insurances?


  • We have access to a broad range of insurance providers, allowing us to explore heaps of policies
  • We are not aligned to any insurer, which means we’re on your side and provide advice in your interests
  • Max Insurances is 100% Kiwi owned, and we have an extensive knowledge of insurance products in NZ
  • There is no cost to you for using our service
  • Part of our team Max Loans can help provide Holiday Loans
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