Caravan Insurance

Are you hitting the open road with your much loved caravan? Before starting your trip, make sure you have proper caravan insurance! Read on to find out more about what Max Insurances can offer.



What is caravan insurance?


No matter how careful you are, the unexpected can happen. If you own a caravan, even while it is on your driveway, there’s always a risk.  A caravan insurance policy can protect you against financial loss if issues arise.


Just like car insurance, caravan insurance usually covers accidental damage, theft, fire and weather damage. However, caravan insurance is not as simple as normal car insurance. It could cover a wider range of issues since you are combining facets of vehicle, home and contents insurance. In other words, besides the basics, caravan insurance policies may include a certain level of cover for contents inside your caravan. This includes cover for loss or damage to carpets, entertainment systems, furniture, furnishings, tools and more.



How can Max Insurances help?


A caravan shows part of your lifestyle and you might have filled it with a lot of valuable things to make it feel like home. Your caravan is unique, so we are here to tailor a unique policy to meet your requirements. We will take the time to understand your individual circumstances, help you identify your risks, and work out what level of cover you need.


As experts in insurance, we have access to a range of policies from a panel of NZ leading insurers, and we are aware of the terms and conditions, benefits and exclusions of these policies, therefore, we can explain the details of a policy to you, and help you find the right cover at a competitive price. In addition, we always go that extra mile for all our customers, so if the unexpected happens and you need to make a claim, we will assist you through the process.



Why choose Max Insurances?


  • We deal with a wide variety of insurance providers, allowing us to give you flexibility in cover
  • We act on your behalf and provide advice in your best interests
  • We are a 100% NZ owned business, and have a thorough understanding of the insurance market in NZ
  • We put customers’ needs and requirements ahead of anything and everything else.
  • Part of our team Max Loans can provide Personal Loans to help purchase caravans


Contact Max Insurances today


Our friendly Insurance Advisers would love to answer all your questions and help you get the right cover. Contact Max Insurances today to discuss your options!

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