Renters Insurance

Renting a house or flatting with friends? Looking for a renters insurance policy to protect your own belongings? Max Insurances is here to help! Read on to find out more.



What is renters insurance?


For a lot of tenants, insurance seems like an extra cost that could be avoided. However, think about all the things you value in the property you are renting. Are you able to afford to replace them out of your own pocket if the unexpected happens? Some renters might think they are covered by the insurance policy for the building. Unfortunately, most landlords only have insurance that covers the physical structure and any of the landlord’s possessions, which leaves everything of yours – that’s why you need your own policy to protect your belongings.


Renters insurance, also called tenants insurance, is designed to cover your items inside your apartment or rental home, including things like your mobile devices, electronics, furniture and clothing. It might also extend to cover your personal belongings in your driveway, garage or your car. What’s more, it’s worth noting that a comprehensive policy may also protect you against loss, fire or water damage you cause to the property, so you have nothing to worry about while renting.



How can Max Insurances help?


When it comes to insurance, it is important to give people flexibility in cover that suits their individual needs. With expert knowledge in a huge range of insurance products and access to a wide variety of insurers, we can arrange the cover you actually need at a competitive price.


At Max Insurances, we pride ourselves on our service. Our customers feel looked after, because they know we always put them first and have their best interests at heart. If you are looking for a renters insurance policy, we would like to spend time understanding your individual circumstances, work out what level of cover you need, and help you find the right cover that best suits your needs. And we go the extra mile for all our customers, so if the unexpected does happen, you know we’ve got your back.



Why choose Max Insurances?


  • We work for you not the insurer
  • We compare heaps of policies for all types of renters from some of New Zealand’s most trusted insurers
  • We focus on customer service and strive hard to build great relationships with them
  • Our insurance service is free to use
  • We are 100% New Zealand owned, and we fully understand the insurance market in NZ



Contact Max Insurances today


If you want to discuss your requirements with one of our friendly Insurance Advisers directly, don’t hesitate to email us or call us on 0800 ASK MAX (0800 275 629). We would love to provide further details!

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