Travelling Within NZ: Things You Should Know About Insurance

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22 Dec Travelling Within NZ: Things You Should Know About Insurance

With international travel on hold for the moment, more Kiwis are getting out and exploring their own backyard. Before you head off on your holiday, get peace of mind with travel insurance to cover you in the event of a cancellation, theft, damage and loss of luggage, or to reduce your car rental excess. Here’s a look at some of the things you need to know about when buying travel insurance.

Why do I need travel insurance?

Sometimes things happen that are out of your control and you’re no longer able to travel. If you’ve already paid for flights, accommodation or other services, you could end up losing your deposits or being charged a cancellation fee.

Travel insurance may cover you for any financial loss you incur if your travel plans have to change because of circumstances that are out of your control.

Some policies cover emergency medical treatment while you’re on holiday, and most will cover the cost of your luggage and items inside – such as cameras, tablets and laptops to a maximum limit – in the event of theft, loss or damage.

When it comes to hiring a car, you may be able to use your travel insurance to reduce the amount of excess that rental companies charge.

Remember to check the exclusions carefully, as many travel insurance policies do not cover cancellations in the event of a pandemic.

What does it cover?

At Max Insurances, we work with a panel of insurance providers offering both standard and comprehensive travel insurance options. Typically, the travel insurance policies we recommend cover:

  • Trip cancellation – if you’re unable to travel due to unforeseen events.
  • Hospital visits and medical emergencies – unexpected hospital or emergency treatment.
  • Lost, stolen or damaged personal belongings – covering items like your luggage.


Besides these, travel insurance may also cover travel delays, rental car excess, personal liability and more.

What is excluded?

Before buying travel insurance, it’s important you read the policy document carefully, as there are some instances where travel insurance will not cover you. Missed flights that are due to your own fault, mechanical issues, overbooking or aircraft maintenance are generally not covered by travel insurance.

Your luggage and personal items may be covered for theft, damage and loss, but you do need to keep them as safe as you can. Your travel insurance claim could be rejected if you left your luggage unattended or visible in the back seat of the rental car.

And while generally high-value items – like laptops and cameras – are covered by travel insurance, there is usually a maximum value limit set on each of these so you may only be able to claim a certain amount per item.

Lastly, some activities are deemed too risky to insure and won’t be covered by travel insurance. Things like sky-diving, rock climbing, or skiing off-piste are usually excluded by insurance companies.

Does travel insurance cover my motorhome or caravan?

If you’re going on holiday with your caravan or motorhome, it’s important you have the right cover should the unexpected happen. Caravan insurance or motorhome insurance is designed to cover caravans or motorhomes against accidental damage, theft, fire and even weather damage. This type of insurance differs from travel insurance in that it covers a wider range of events and items.

It’s also a little more complex than simply having comprehensive car insurance. Caravan insurance and motorhome insurance cover not just the vehicle itself, but also the contents inside – like the carpets, entertainment systems, appliances, furniture and more. Because your caravan or motorhome doubles as your vehicle and your accommodation, you need insurance cover that protects both. That includes while you’re on the road and when you’re parked up somewhere.

What about pre-existing conditions

Most travel insurance policies won’t cover pre-existing medical conditions, but you do need to disclose these in your application. You may have the option to pay a slightly higher premium in order to cover any pre-existing conditions, but otherwise you won’t be able to claim against anything that happens as a result of a pre-existing condition.

The right insurance cover

Even the most carefully planned trips can go wrong. That’s why it’s so important to have the right travel insurance cover in place. So you can get back on track again, without any financial worries.

At Max Insurances, we specialise in helping Kiwis get the best insurance NZ wide and can help you find the right travel insurance to fit your specific needs. What’s more, if something does go wrong, we can help you get your claim underway.

Talk to our team today about getting travel insurance for your next holiday in New Zealand.

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