Want To Keep Your Home Safe? Top Tips Including Insurance

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06 Jun Want To Keep Your Home Safe? Top Tips Including Insurance

It may be your safe haven and the place you go to relax, but your home can also be a target for thieves. As burglars get smarter and more sophisticated in their techniques, keeping your home and contents safe has become more challenging. Whether you’re away on holiday or just taking precautions to improve your home security, check out these top tips for home safety including house insurance.

Close and lock all doors

Regardless of the neighbourhood you live in, it’s crucial you close and lock all doors before you go to bed each night or before you go out. Invest in high-quality locks on doors, sheds and garages, and window stays on ground floor windows to make it harder for thieves to break in. Remember to lock up the garage and any other entry points, and teach young children not to open the door to anyone without an adult with them.

Keep keys and valuables in a safe place

Avoid leaving spare keys under the front door mat, in the letterbox, or under a pot plant, as burglars are all too aware of these common hiding spots. Instead, invest in a lockbox with a code to store the spare key in or install keyless entry points on front doors to avoid having to use a key. Lock up your valuables in a secure, well-hidden safety deposit box inside your home, and don’t leave expensive items in full view of windows. Dispose of any packaging that could alert burglars to expensive items you’ve bought.

Get to know your neighbours

Neighbourhood watch schemes are an excellent way to encourage neighbours to look out for each other, report suspicious activity, and keep communities safe. Be prepared before going away on holiday, ask your neighbours to keep an eye on your home, empty your letterbox, and clear any parcels that get delivered while you’re away. Parcels left at front doors can be a clue for burglars that a home is vacant.

Install a security alarm system

One of the best ways to deter thieves is to install a home security system that alerts you and a security company if there’s an attempt to break-in. By triggering an alarm when your home has been compromised, you can act right away to possibly prevent a break-in and loss of your valuables, while using security cameras and smart doorbells linked to your phone lets you keep an eye on your home from anywhere. Use Home Improvement Loans to cover the cost of installing a security alarm system if you’re short on cash and don’t want to wait.

Lights and curtains

Homes left in darkness can be a target for thieves, so it pays to invest in a timer to turn lights on in the evening if you’re going to be away. Similarly, curtains and blinds that are closed during the day could alert thieves to the fact that a home is empty, while leaving curtains and blinds half open – but ensuring valuables are hidden out of sight – creates the illusion that someone is home.

Review house insurance and contents insurance

Another important task for homeowners is ensuring you have the right amount and type of cover for your home and contents. Review your house insurance and contents insurance policies every year – or have your Insurance Adviser go over these with you – to check that you’re adequately covered in the event of a loss. Remember to inform your NZ insurance provider about any significant changes or renovations you make to your home to update your house insurance policy.

Alert the police if you suspect a break-in

If you suspect a break-in, don’t enter your home as the intruder may still be inside. Call the police immediately and wait for them to arrive to handle the situation. If you do experience a break-in, check that you have all you need to lodge a claim and contact your NZ insurance provider as soon as you can.

Keep your home and contents safe

Keeping your home safe is a top priority for any homeowner. By taking a few precautions and investing in home insurance and contents insurance to cover you in the event of a loss, you can ensure that your home and all that’s in it remains protected.

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