Top Reasons To Arrange Your Classic Car Insurance Through Max Insurances

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03 Dec Top Reasons To Arrange Your Classic Car Insurance Through Max Insurances

Owning a classic car is so much more than simply a form of transport. For true classic car enthusiasts, it’s an investment, a labour of love, and a passion. So it makes sense to protect your classic car with uniquely tailored classic car insurance cover.

However, when it comes to classic car insurance, not all insurances are equal. In fact, you’ll quickly find that only a specialist classic car insurer really understands your passion for classic cars.

That’s why at Max Insurances we work hard to find comprehensive insurance cover tailored specifically for classic car enthusiasts. But that’s not all we do. Take a look at the top reasons to arrange your classic car insurance through Max Insurances.

Understand classic car insurance

Finding the right classic car insurance can be a confusing process. The first step in the process, however, is to check if your vehicle qualifies for classic car insurance. Generally, classic cars are vehicles that are at least a couple of decades old. However, the words “classic car” can be a subjective term and what qualifies as a “classic car” varies by car insurance provider.

It’s a good idea to discuss your specific vehicle with an Insurance Adviser like those at Max Insurances to find out what type of coverage your car is eligible for. At Max Insurances, we work with a wide panel of insurance providers that specialise in classic cars and know exactly what their criteria is. We would like to take the time to understand your pride and joy, and put together all the options that are available to you, saving you time and effort.

Quick and easy quote process

Getting classic car insurance cover shouldn’t be hard. But it often can be. Not all insurance companies provide comprehensive insurance cover for classic cars. And those that do sometimes use confusing insurance jargon or include inflexible terms and conditions. It’s not surprising that so many classic car enthusiasts turn to an Insurance Adviser – like those at Max Insurances – when it comes to finding the right insurance cover for their classic cars.

At Max Insurances, we believe in making things easy for you. That’s why we offer a quick and easy online classic car insurance quote option. By answering a few simple questions about your classic car – including the make, model, estimated value and how or when you use your classic car – Max Insurances will shop around on your behalf, compare policies and insurance companies, to find the right insurance cover for your classic car.

What’s more, because we’re focused on saving you money without compromising on insurance cover, you can be confident that you’re not paying more than you have to, to insure your classic car, and you won’t be caught short on cover when something goes wrong.

Experienced and enthusiastic

Like you, Max Insurances is genuinely passionate about preserving classic cars, working with insurance companies that understand this specialised type of cover. As an Insurance Advisory business in NZ, we’re been working with classic car enthusiasts for many years. In fact, we love classic cars so much, and part of our team Max Loans is a proud sponsor of the Repco Beach Hop!

But it’s more than just a passion for us. We understand that owning a classic car is an investment too, and we’re dedicated to supporting the classic car industry well into the future.

Combining our love and knowledge of classic cars with our experience of insurance products, we’re able to provide you with options for the right insurance cover for your classic car, at the right price. Furthermore, in the event of a claim, we’ll help you liaise with the insurer to speed up the claim process, advocating on your behalf and answering any questions you have.

Tailor your insurance coverage

As your classic car is unique, so too should your insurance cover be. Classic car insurance differs from traditional auto insurance in several important ways. If you’re a classic car owner, or are thinking of owning a special set of wheels, here’s what to know about classic car insurance:

  1. Agreed value: unlike regular cars depreciate over time, classic cars tend to maintain or increase in value. If you own a classic car, agreed value may be the better choice. Agreed value is the amount you and your insurance company have agreed to insure your vehicle for and is set at the beginning of each period of cover. This is what you will receive in the event of a total loss. Make sure you adjust the agreed value amount at the time of policy renewals if your car appreciates in value.
  2. Limited use: since most classic cars are driven less frequently and not regularly driven in heavy traffic times, classic car insurance tends to offer lower premiums than traditional auto insurance. But if you use your classic car on a daily basis, most likely it won’t be covered by a classic car insurance policy.
  3. Your choice of repairer: in the event of an accepted claim, classic car insurance policies often let you go to your own repairer. Your insurance company will pay you the reasonable costs as estimated by their assessor.
  4. Special towing: many car insurance providers offer special towing, to limit the damages that can occur while transporting your car in the event that it breaks down.
  5. Spare parts coverage: this covers spare parts used to maintain or restore your classic car.
  6. Storage and restoration: this type of cover is designed to protect your car while it’s in storage or being restored. Generally, you’ll pay less to insure your car for these specific circumstances.


Knowing the ins and outs and what coverage you need for your ride will help you make the best decision– that’s where an Insurance Adviser comes in. At Max Insurances, our deep knowledge of classic cars and insurance products allows us to offer you the best cover for your particular needs at the most cost-effective premium.

What’s more, part of our team Max Loans can also help you grow your classic car collection, working with lenders who specialise in classic car loans.

Choose Max Insurances for classic car cover

At Max Insurances, we specialise in helping Kiwis arrange insurance NZ wide and we’ve been helping classic car enthusiasts, collectors and owners protect what they love for years. And we understand that a classic car is more than just a vehicle to get you around. So if you’re serious about switching insurers, or you’d like to find out more about classic car insurance, contact our team of Insurance Advisers to tailor an insurance policy around your unique needs.

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