Does Installing A Dash Cam Affect My Car Insurance?

Having a dash cam installed in a vehicle

15 Oct Does Installing A Dash Cam Affect My Car Insurance?

Your morning commute to work could easily turn into a stressful event if your car is involved in an accident, particularly if the other party is uninsured or insists that you’re at fault. That can complicate the insurance claim process and even slow down your claim, leaving you without transport and unable to get back on the road again.

Having a dash cam installed in your car – recording continuous footage of the road ahead while you’re travelling and even keeping track of the date, time, speed, G-force and GPS co-ordinates, as well as in-car behaviour – can be especially useful in proving your innocence. If you’re considering installing a dash cam in your car, here’s all you need to know.

What is a dash cam? And is it legal in New Zealand?

A dash cam is a camera typically mounted on your vehicle’s dashboard or windscreen that is designed to carefully and accurately record every detail that takes place on the road. The dash cam starts recording automatically when the car is turned on, and records on a continuous loop. There are several reasons why drivers may consider installing a dash cam – using as evidence in an accident, helping identify dangerous driving behaviour, and providing peace of mind knowing that the driver can be tracked by GPS are just a few of the reasons drivers choose to install a dash cam.

While dash cams are legal in New Zealand, dash cam footage could be covered by the Privacy Act. Dash cams capture images of travel and vehicles in public places, but don’t typically capture clear images of other drivers, certainly not images that can be easily identified. However, dash cams capture car number plates and other background footage, which could be made up of personal information as covered by the Privacy Act.  If you are using a dash cam for personal use, it’s important you familiarise yourself with the Privacy Act and in particular with the impact of sharing dash cam footage online.

Can a dash cam lower my insurance premium?

Although dash cams are certainly proving popular amongst Kiwis, and many insurance companies agree the information they provide is invaluable in helping settle a dispute, here in New Zealand, most car insurance companies don’t offer any discount to vehicle owners who have installed a dash cam. But dash cams prove their worth when it comes to a claim and having to provide evidence of your innocence or someone else’s liability. And that could help you avoid an increase in your insurance premium.

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How can a dash cam support my insurance claim?

Unfortunately, accidents happen all too often and in many of these situations dash cam footage has been useful in providing evidence when it comes to making an insurance claim:

  • In an accident where both drivers claim to be the innocent party.
  • When a parked car is damaged and no note is left or there are no witnesses.
  • When there is a fraudulent claim, such as a driver staging a claimable event.

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